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23 Nov. 2021

China's financial sector should further strive to cement economic growth and fend off potential risks while seeking high-level opening-up and creating a level playing field for global investors, officials and analysts said on Wednesday.

Tire maintenance tips you must know

1.  Tire inspection at least once a month. Check the air pressure, including the spare tire pressure, when the tires are cold.


2.  If the car owner finds that the air pressure is decreasing too fast, it is necessary to find out the reason in time, instead of simply going to the tire store to inflate. Inflation air pressure must be in accordance with the air pressure value specified by the manufacturer.


3.  Wear indicator. When the tires are worn to the point where the wear indicator lights up, the tires must be replaced. It is dangerous to drive in wet conditions with tires that exceed the wear indicator, because the drainage performance has been greatly reduced, which can seriously affect the wet grip.


The maintenance of tires must be paid attention to, and the tires must be checked before each trip to avoid inconvenience to yourself and your family.