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23 Nov. 2021

Small knowledge of motorcycle tire maintenance

In the process of motorcycle driving, a good pair of tires is as important as a good pair of shoes. The functions of tires during driving include:


( 1 ) It is in direct contact with the road surface and bears the weight of the vehicle body;


( 2 ) Using its inflated elasticity, it can alleviate and partially absorb the vibration and impact ;


(3) Ensure that the vehicle has reliable adhesion without slipping when driving.


The main point of tire maintenance and maintenance is to keep the tires with a certain inflation pressure

Properly inflated tires can give motorcycles greater traction, stability, ride comfort and a longer service life. Insufficient tire pressure not only increases the driving resistance, increases the load on the engine and fuel consumption, but also sometimes causes the tire to fall off the rim. Excessive tire pressure will reduce the stability of the motorcycle, and there will be a "jumping" feeling in use.


Keep tires in good condition and tread clean

Check the treads of the front and rear tires every time you close the car to remove small stones and other foreign objects embedded in the pattern. If there are small iron nails and small iron pieces, take them out immediately, and carefully check whether the inner tube is punctured. Generally speaking, motorcycle tires should not be repaired, because the tread after hot patching is higher than other parts, and the car will bump up and down when driving. It is better to use the method of fire repair to repair the inner tube. When there is a lack of fire repair materials and fixtures, it can also be used for cold repair with adhesive tape.

If you often pass by unclean roads, there are often scattered iron filings and broken glass on the road. In order to prevent the inner tube from being broken and unable to be repaired, you can bring a set of special tools with the car . They are: two tire levers, one small air cylinder, Cut a handful of small folds, add a tube of glue, and patch a few pieces of tire skin. The replacement of the inner tube mainly depends on its degree of aging and integrity. The punctured inner tube, although repaired, is significantly less reliable than an intact inner tube that has not been punctured. Generally, the inner tube that has been used for one year or the inner tube that has traveled more than 8,000 kilometers should be considered to be replaced with a new tire. When replacing a new inner tube, it is better to apply a thin layer of talcum powder on its outer surface, and then put it into the outer tire, which can prevent the inner tube from aging and sticking to the outer tire. When loading and unloading the tire, it is better to have a special tire lever (plate), and do not use sharp-edged tools to prevent damage to the tire during operation.


Avoid sun exposure and contamination with oil

Frequent exposure to sunlight will cause the tires to crack and age. Therefore, it is better to park the motorcycle in a ventilated place with dust, sun and rain, or cover the car with a sheet of cloth, which is not only beneficial to the tire, but also to the car. Shangbo paint, electroplating, and plastic parts will also play a protective role. Oil, acid and alkali have a corrosive effect on rubber, so tires should be avoided from contact with these things. For a car that has not been used for a long time, it is better to use a wooden frame to frame the whole car to prevent a small section of the tire from being loaded for a long time and causing deformation.


Maintenance tips of motorcycle tire


Good tires, which are like good shoes, are very important during the driving. The functions of tire in the driving are as follows:


1) Contact the ground directly and bear the weight of motorcycle body;

2) Use the elasticity after air inflation to mitigate and absorb the shake and impact of rough road;

3) Ensure the reliable capability of ground grasping and not skidding during driving.


The key point of maintenance of tire is: keep the tire with a certain air inflation pressure.


Appropriate air inflation pressure can make the motorcycle have maximum traction, stability and comfortable driving feeling and long service life. Insufficient pressure of tire will not only add driving obstacle, load of engine and fuel consumption, but also make the tire fall from the rim. While excessive tire pressure will lower the stability of the motorcycle, making it feel jump in the driving.


Keep the tire in good condition and clean


Each time after driving the motorcycle the driver should check the surface of the front and rear tire, and remove the small stones and other foreign bodies embedded in the pattern. If there are small nail and plate of iron, the nail and plate should be taken out immediately, and the driver should check whether the tube is punctured. Normally the cover tire of motorcycle should not be repaired, because the repaired surface is higher than the other part of the surface, the motorcycle will bump in the driving. Mending the tube should best use fire mending. When lacking fire mending material and clamp, the driver can use repair glue to cold repair.


If the motorcycle often drives on unclean road, and there are often scattered iron dust and broken glass, to prevent the tube from puncturing beyond repair, the driver can take a set of special tools, which are: 2 tire levers, 1 small inflator, 1 small folding scissor, 1 tube of repair glue, and several tire repair patches. Change of tube depends on the aging and soundness degree. Punctured tube, although being repaired, compared with not repaired tube, the reliability is lowered greatly. A tube that has been used for one year or 8000 kilometers should be replaced. When changing new tube, it would be better if the driver add a thin layer of talcum power to the outer surface of the tube, which can prevent the aging of the tube and adhesion to cover tire. When installing and removing the cover tire, the driver should better use tire lever,instead of tool with sharp edge, to avoid damaging the tire during operation.


Avoid sun exposure and oil contamination


Constant exposure to the sun will lead to crack and aging of the tire. Therefore it would be better if the motorcycle can be parked in a place that is dustproof, sunscreen and rain-proof ventilation or be covered by a felt cloth, which is not only good for the tire, but also good for the oil paint, electroplate, and plastic parts of the motorcycle. Oil pollution, acid and alkali can corrode rubber, therefore the tire should not contact with these things. Motorcycle that will not be used for a long time should better be put up with a wooden frame, to prevent a small part of the tire bearing load for a long time and causing deformation.