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23 Nov. 2021

How to reduce the fuel consumption of motorcycle

 Almost every owner of motorcycle has thought of one question: how to reduce the fuel consumption of motorcyclehttps://www.prosperstonetyre.com/pt-127.html. In fact there are many methods of reducing the fuel consumption of motorcycle.
Check the tyre pressure 
    Too low tire pressure will increase the fuel consumption of your motorcycle, tow high tire pressure will affect your braking effect. If the tire pressure is too low, it will increase the ground contact of the tire and increase the friction, which will not only wear the shoulders on both sides of the tire but also will increase the fuel consumption(also, if the tire pressure is too low, it is the main cause of tyre burst).
Check the chain
    Keep it lubricated, adjust the chain length in the interval specified by the manufacturer. If the chain is not smooth, the fuel consumption will be increased.
    Check the brake system
    If the brake caliper, the brake caliper with long time no washing will be in hold death condition and will cause resistance to your driving.
    Notice while changing gear
    Changing gear should be in time, not be too early or too late. Generally speaking, you can listen to the sound of the engine, the engine tachometer should be the more or less the same with the vehicle speedometer. High fuel consumption will occur if the throttle is too high or the engine speed is too low.
Check spark plug
    Select the correct calorific value, keep your motorcycle in good ignition condition, otherwise the fuel consumption will increase.
Check the spare parts
    Check the engine and spare parts. A good engine will use less fuel. Clean the engine oil way, correctly adjust the valve, clean the air filter and throttle valve(carburetor).
Try not to put heavy objects
     Big luggage will add the weight and resistance of your motorcycle, so reduce the things you carry.  The side box and tail box will affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle and increase the vehicle weight. Every stop and start during driving will increase your fuel consumption.
    Don't bang the accelerator without anything.